I'm Kimberly, author of QuartzHeart, BA Animation student, and resident bookworm.

My superpower is hyper cognitive fantasy manifestation. I can borrow ten library books in a single trip to the library, then use the information to create an entirely new dimension. I get excited when I can create the believable characters I wanted to see when I was younger. These include Felix, who finds her agency by reclaiming all of herself; the excitable indigenous Kisatlet, for whom ADHD does not define his entire life; and Renee, a shapeshifter who comes into her own while at college. I'm inspired by the things that I learned. My love of history informed the designs in my webcomic, QuartzHeart. Meanwhile, current social justice movements have encouraged me to communicate the struggles of our time. Drawing releases my imagination into the real world, and my greatest joy is sharing it with everyone.

My Resume